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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Something new and different

Fun arty stuff for today, first, an incredible wall of "readymades" (Duchamp would love this!) in China! I love the fact that this is a beautiful fountain as well as a weird pile of porcelain.More pics of it here.

And my new FAVORITE fashion/art source: Haute Macabre! This clothes on this site will make you weep they are so F**king cool! (Check out the "The Haute List : $75 & Under" page for this month.....)

If you are into Goth, punk, mostly black, leather, vinyl, or Avant-garde fashion, this is the inspiration you need before shopping online or out in the real world. They have a spectacular collection of fashion, make-up, and art events to keep you busy through almost any cataclysm. Or wear to the next gallery opeing in your city.
Ciao bella

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