Here is a special page for my recent monotypes. These are all one of a kind works on paper, run through an etching press. Some have added Chine Colle' added. This page is so you don't have to dig through posts to find artwork. 
Every one of these images is copyrighted, so please no sharing on Pinterest or on any other website or downloading them without  my permission.  If you would like permission to link to them or use them for educational purposes, contact me here. 
I will be very happy to accommodate you!
"Big Loop", 12"x9", monotype

"Big Red Striped Shrimp", 12"x9", monotype

12 "Small Blue Heads", these are each 4"x5" and can be sold individually
4 "Small Turquoise Heads", each 4"x5",  can be sold separately

"Hacienda", 4"x5" monotype woth Chine Colle"

"Telegraph", 4"x5", monotype with Chine Colle"

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