Fig. 14, The Search for Planet X, Bluegrey.
Hybrid print, 8"x10"

Welcome to the page with some of my most recent works on paper. 

These are all recent prints. This page is so you don't have to dig through posts to find artwork. 
Every one of these images is copyrighted, so please no sharing on Pinterest or on any other website or downloading them without  my permission.  If you would like permission to link to them or use them for educational purposes, contact me here. 

Fig. 17, The Dark Twin, Teal/Pink version.
Hybrid print, 8"x10"
Fig. 13, the 13th Sign, The Dark Vortex.
Hybrid Print, 8"x10"

Fig. 17, The Dark Twin, The Winged Twin.
Monoprint, 8"x10"
Fig. 12, Conflict, The Golden Door.
Hybrid print, 8"x10"
Fig. 17, The Dark Twin, The Yellow Nautilus.
Monoprint, 8"x10". 

Fig. 12, Conflict, orange version.
Hybrid print, 8"x10"
Echo Canyon Meditation, Red/Blue.
Solarplate Etching, 8"x10".

Fig. 21, The Dark Rift, Solarplate etching, 8"x10"

Fig. 19, El Tortuguero, Yellow Sky.
Monoprint with Solarplate etching. 
Fig.20, Friendly Aliens Will Save Us, Ghost Ship;10"x8",
monoprint with solarplate etching

These smaller prints were done in early 2013; each image is two plates printed one on top of the other- one relief plate and one intaglio plate. Some plates were inked à la poupée  to increase the variation in color.
Twister I, 10"x4", solarplate etching

Tower I, 10"x4", solarplate etching

Reflections on Dark Water, 4"x10", solarplate etching with metallic ink

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