Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Strange Attractors and lunar phenomenon

New art! 
Below: "Eclipse" (24x24"), finished last week.

And the latest: "Strange Attractor"(36x36"), finished today. 

These two pieces really epitomize the two different series I am working on at the same time: one series is like "Eclipse"- minimal color palette of black, Payne's Grey, white, graphite, with heavy, organic texture.
The other series is represented by "Strange Attractor"-- more colorful, uses lots of washes, with distinctive, loopy, "drawing" and some texture. 
Since this is the art season here in Arizona, I'm working 8 hours + in my studio at least 4 days a week. Many juried art shows are starting to appear on the radar as well as more exciting ventures in the future.

Art sale news: I just sold the proof of "Tarot 13" to a patron in Oregon. See below:

But all is not lost if you are interested in the campanion pieces I posted here a while back.Three of the pieces for this series are in a show at the Museum of Anthropology at Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ. And the are for sale.

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