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Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanks and more thanks!

It's been a fantastic week!
The Taiko Plus! Show was a rousing success! Each show (There was one shorter kid's matinee Friday noon and two full-length shows Friday & Sunday nights) was very well attended: the kid's were yelling "yoi-sa!", asking for autographs afterward, people were dancing out front of the theater afterward like it was carnival. We were even on TV with Batucaxe!!

Hubby and I also went to an art reception Saturday night between taiko shows, the Salon Exhibit at Platform Gallery. A really cool show for several reasons: the artworks were small and very reasonable priced (For holiday shopping!), they represented different mediums from sewing on fabric, the blown glass, photography, paintings, small and large-scale metal sculpture, glass wall pieces, and more.
But the best part about the show? It was all by local, Tucson artists and the work was selling. And I met some really cool artists and bought stuff from a young photographer.

So listen up folks!!  If you choose to buy gifts this holiday season, please just do one thing for the artists and craftspeople in your town:
Buy Local. Buy art. 
Keep your local economy going.

Art is a unique because doesn't go out of style, it can be handed down to heirs, and can be enjoyed by all. Don't know someone's taste? Try a gift certificate.

And stay out of those malls! They sell mostly crap anyway....

PS: this painting is in a show at the Tubac Center of the Arts right now.
And I almost forgot: Thanksgiving was really fantastic! Went to a friend's house.....really great food & people. A fun time was had by all. And check it out: no gravy, no hideous marshmallow yams, and no canned cranberry jelly.

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