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Monday, March 1, 2010

Back from Phoenix and more new art

I was in Phoenix at Matsuri over the weekend....but managed to work for 3 hours last night after I got home. The weather was really nice Saturday and rainy Sunday. Luckily, we played taiko on Saturday, so no rain to deal with. I managed to buy a fabulous vintage wool kimono, a haori, and two obi! Crazy, I know. But I wore the new kimono, haori, and one of the obi on Sunday with my new yellow geta. It was very fun to wear- total strangers asked to have their photo taken with me. Photos soon!

You already saw the kid's playshop flyer I put up last night in the previous posting. Right now, I'm also working with my web master on updating my art website (In case you hadn't seen the updates) with new work. Much of the older work will be taken down so that it focuses more on the new stuff. Sold items that have been up for a while will be removed as well. I'm working on a new way to organize it all as well.
What else: spent the better half of today wrapping up paintings for transport to the gallery tomorrow. Right now, more web updates, wiring paintings, packing lists, price sheets, etc. I can relax a bit after Wednesday since the show art will be out of the studio, but that doesn't mean I can stop painting. It's my job! Now, I just need to sell it all!
Point in Time, 36" x 36", acrylic on panel. 

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