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Monday, June 7, 2010

Hi everyone!
Summer is here with a vengeance in Tucson and the last big downtown gallery event was this past weekend- the Summer Art Cruise! It's put on by the Central Tucson Gallery Association. It was a fun event and a great turnout despite that fact that it was held from 6-9pm on the hottest day of the year so far! (Note to CTGA- have these art walks from 7-10pm....most people wait until the sun has gone down before they go out in the summer ).

The good news: I sold the above painting at Platform Gallery. The bad news: I think I was the only artist that sold anything at that gallery during the event.
During the summer in Tucson, many galleries either close for a couple of months or shorten their hours since the tourist traffic just isn't there.

Many artists use this summer "downtime" to work on new projects, get out of town for a few days to reset the creative process, and experiment. This is also the time that there are quite a few "art summer camps" for kids going on- great for kids, parents, and artists lucky enough to get a teaching gig during one of these events. I'm still working on the teaching part for this summer, but there are other things in the works!

Stay cool!

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