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Monday, June 28, 2010

New crop of small paintings

                   "Firebug", 4x4"                                             "Red Tide", 4x4"
"Moonflower", 6x6"
"Spring II", 8x8"
These cute and affordable paintings are all acrylic on deep birch panels, so they look like boxes and can sit on a shelf if you like. Both "Firebug" and "Spring II" are in Tucson area  galleries.
More news: I just registered for the Tucson Pima Arts Council Open Studio Tour in November. That should be really fun. I'll have to do a bit of extra marketing to get people to stop by my studio since it's off the beaten path. I'm also working on a larger (36" x 36") painting, "Spring III", which should be done later this week. And  there is a taiko concert coming up on July
6th, so extra rehearsals and sore muscles. Then there is a couple of upcoming obon festivals...can't miss those!
Stay cool,

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