Tuesday, November 9, 2010

After a Night of All Souls....

The  journey that is the All Souls Procession can't be told in one blog entry, so here are some random bits. Keep coming back as more photos & video appear from various sources.
Here are a couple of photos I took after the Grand Finale. Because I was in the show, all of my photos of before and after, not during.

After the urn burns on the tower, ash falls like snow. The camera flash turns the bits into orbs....maybe they are the spirits of deceased people?

This wonderfully ecstatic Flam Chen stilt walker embraced me after the show, I hugged her lower legs since her stilts were so tall.

Being in this year's procession and Grand Finale is probably one of the single most memorable experiences in my life.
More reflections on the event in the next few days. Snippets are still coming back to me....moments in time, feelings, flashes of memory: the rush of adrenalin and a pounding heart while waiting on stage, and the feel of s stranger's skin under a makeup brush, stopping to breathe, the smell of dust and burning lamp oil, the sounds of the crowd, the light-headed feeling of not having eaten in a while.

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