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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My First Encaustic Ever

I got to play with encaustic at a friend's studio a couple of weeks ago. It is amazing stuff: hot wax! Really, really fun and a really new and different medium for me. However, some things remain the same: you work in layers, the same as printmaking and many other art forms.
I'm now contemplating whether to buy some new "hot" equipment and set up a small space in my studio so I can create some new artworks. I might have to do some more playing at my friend's studio before I decide though. It's actually not that expensive to set up, but it does mean a whole new set of pigments and colors. No acrylic allowed! Art supplies are expensive and encaustic is no less than any other type of art materials.

You also need a bit of ventilation when working with hot wax and damar vanish, but I think I have that covered.

Here are the two pieces that I made at her studio. I wasn't really trying to make finished art pieces, but it just happened that way.

The top piece is small, 5x5x2". It's called "Standing too Close to the Sun".  The bottom piece is 10x10x1" and is called "Dissipating Turbulence".
Both were fun to make and I love the surface quality of the wax.

I have just entered both of these pieces in a local encaustic show, so wish me luck! Cheers,

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