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Thursday, February 10, 2011


Firebug, 6x6x2-3/4"
Rose, 4x4x2-3/4"

Laguna, 4x4x2-3/4"

It's nice to sell your art work to people that really, really love it. I'm really glad I sold "Firebug", it was one of my favorite small paintings from 2010.
The only artwork I'm selling right now are very small pieces. Our economy at work! People do really seem to enjoy these small paintings and they look great in small groupings. Some of my collectors already have quite a bit of large art, so the small stuff also fills a niche, sometimes literally.
Besides selling tiny paintings, I'm working on a continuing the Spring series and I'm almost finished with "Spring IV". I'm also starting on a new batch of tiny art, because that's what's in demand. I've entered a few shows, got into one coming up in March. Looking for more shows, but with galleries disappearing left and right, it's becoming more difficult to show and sell.
In the meantime, the Tucson Gem show is in town, so come to Tucson and buy something for yourself, something for a friend, and get a little Kettle corn or a Sonoran hot dog on the side. It runs through February 13th, so go out and buy your Valentine's day gift ASAP! I bought myself a pair of ruby bead earrings and some totally fun colorful glass skull beads!

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