Friday, May 20, 2011

Sofrt sculpture: White hana hat for another artist

Remember this hat I made a while back? (Very loosely based on an Okinawan hanagasa). It was made out of paper. Well, a performance artist saw it and contacted me almost two months ago to commission me to make a white version for her. It's white because it will have video image projected onto it. This one needs to be more durable than the paper original since it will be used in more than one performance. Plus it needs to be much lighter.

Fast forward to this week, and it's 98% finished!

It's made from a hi-tech fabric called Fosshape, made by this company. I have wired the rim and the "petals" on top with millinery wire, so it's more of a sculpture than a hat. The whole thing is hand-sewn. It's also really big: 24" in diameter and 12" tall. Next week, the performer is stopping by for a final fitting (There will be a cap inside) and I will have some photos of her wearing it to post!

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