Friday, June 24, 2011

Teaching a workshop this fall: Cyanotypes!!

I just wanted to put it out there...then it will become real!
I'm teaching a 1-day basic cyanotype- blueprint- solar gram- sun print workshop in September or October at Star Bear Studio! I will probably focus on solar gram and sun prints since we will not be creating film negatives, but I will be giving instructions on how to make your own from digital prints and will bring in some for a demonstration.
I'm very excited since Star Bear is such an extraordinary place. It's a fabulous and beautiful custom home filled inside and out and with artwork; PLUS there is a wonderful art studio/art making space, all in the beautiful Sonoran Desert. Star Bear is so extraordinary it cannot be described, so you'll just have to keep in touch so you can find out when the workshop will be. Ursela Gurau, the owner of Star Bear Studio, can also let you know when the workshops will be. Ursela teaches clay sculpture but also has visiting artists come and teach other art-making methods.

These are some cyanotypes I have made using digital negatives. 

Eagle Harbor, Bainbridge Island, WA

Filling Station, Mammoth, AZ

Keiko Doll, Santa Fe, NM

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