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Friday, November 18, 2011

Two paintings meet their new owner!

I delivered these two paintings to the buyer yesterday afternoon! It's so exciting to have a happy buyer greet you at the front door!

This buyer's house is seriously cute, with lots of  beautiful colors on the walls. It's in a high-elevation area of southern Arizona, so the homeowner has fabulous mountain views and bright, clear light in her home.

We both figured the art world look good in her house but I didn't expect that she wouldn't even have to re-paint! The pumpkin-colored living room walls are a gorgeous backdrop for "Primordial Sea: The Deep". Her neutral furnishings make the art stand center-stage and this painting that will go above the sofa is the first thing you will see when you walk in the front door. 

The mate to this painting is going into a bedroom. Again, her wall colors work in favor of the art!
The muted purple walls in the bedroom make the yellow-greens in "Primordial Sea" really pop.

Both pieces fit each room with enough space around them to let them shine and the ceilings are a bit higher than average so these large paintings are not overwhelming the rooms. Since the colors in her house are very compatible with the work, she could also move the paintings around as she sees fit: into the guest room or the office.

It's always feels really good when your art finds the perfect owner!

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