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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Textured Acrylic Abstract Painting at Pima

Color mixing exercises
students at work

The last class was right before Christmas, so I finally got around to posting a few photos from the class. The class was successful for the most part and challenging for me- the students seemed to really enjoy it and created some wonderful work.

Teaching students (adult or children) how to create abstract art can be challenging, especially if the students have never done anything abstract before.  However, adding in a few tips on design fundamentals (the Golden Ratio, Fibonacci numbers, etc.) helped a great deal; as well as looking at other artists' work, including Van Gogh. We even did color mixing exercises such as how to make different shades of green with black and yellow! That was a revelation to some of the students.

a finished student painting
The students indicated that they are waiting for me to teach another class soon, so maybe Pima Continuing Education will have me back in the summer or fall. The spring catalog is already out, so too late for that. Maybe I will get a chance to teach a similar class at a different location...bridging the gap before the fall session starts. I'll keep you all posted and let you know where, what, and how.
Have a very happy 2012!

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