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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Nancy Denzler, 1936-2012

I just found out that Tucson artist and icon Nancy Denzler passed away last night, surrounded by family and friends. She was the first "famous" artist I met after I moved to Tucson several years ago. She used to have an amazing party every year, the same weekend of the Open Studio Tour. I met many artists at her parties, and enjoyed her hospitality, which was legendary. I stayed late at one of her parties and enjoyed a glass of wine with her in her studio as we discussed sculpture, drawing, and abstraction in art. She was so amazing.

She had a beautiful home way out in the "boonies", in an area with horse properties. She did paint quite a few horses but I don't think she had any of her own. Her neighbors did though. She was known for her western art, but her work was more varied than that.

She had a command of light in her work which is rare. She could capture dappled light falling on a figure or early morning light shining through a fence onto the back of a horse. The way she rendered light gave form to her figures, animals, landscapes, and objects she painted. The style wasn't photo-realistic  but almost impressionistic- a style all her own.

I'm running out of words for Nancy; you just have to see her art to see how hard she worked as an artist and how amazing she was. She left a legacy to inspire others for years to come.
We will miss you Nancy, rest in peace.

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