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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Non-toxic printmaking class: Solarplate 101

Today was an exciting day! I got to teach an intro to Solarplate class to five students. We used the Solarplates sold here and since The Drawing Studio didn't have any black Akua ink for the class, the students used Faust Warm Black oil-based ink since it's a rather fat (high in oil and very buttery) ink and easy to use on a Solarplate.

Two methods of image creation were demonstrated: transferring a photo to transparency film using a copy machine (Tom helped students with the copy machine, so I didn't see exactly what he did) and a "freestyle" method of painting on acetate with ink, special Stabilo pencils, and film opaquing pens, which I showed the students. This method consists of creating a black painting or drawing on a piece of acetate, then dusting it with baby powder to set the material, then using the image as a film to create a Solarplate in a UV exposure unit. (Sold here). It's a fun process that is more about exploring mark-making. My demonstration print is at the bottom of the page. 

Here are some of the prints and plates some of the students made today. Excellent work students!  

Plate printed twice, with the plate
inked in a different color, then flipped around. 
Photo transferred to acetate with a copy machine
with added drawing using an opaquing pen. 
Print, inked Solarplate, and the drawing on
clear acetate that was used to create the plate. 
A print and the plate. This student used ink on acetate to
create a compelling image.
A print pulled from a Solarplate created from a drawing on acetate. 
Two prints on the left and the plate on the right. This plate was
created using a film made from a photo in a copy machine. 
The demonstration plate I made is on the right, the
plate on the left is a companion relief plate I created a few days earlier. 
The student seemed to enjoy the process and a couple of students made two Solarplates. Next week, ImagOn film!

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