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Thursday, April 18, 2013


I created three new 8" x 10" Solarplates yesterday! Each plate works together (In theory) to create one print- with each inked separably and eventually printed on one piece of paper.  I created one intaglio plate using a line drawing on acetate; the other two plates were made from a "painting" on acetate, one plate is an intaglio, the other the relief plate. The acetates were used in my UV light box to expose the plates, so the plates look just like the drawings- except flipped. It's a spontaneous way of working that is very rewarding.

The images used to create the plates: drawing on the left; painting on the right.
Since today was the first time I proofed and printed the plates, I only made a few. It takes some time to ink three plates, get them ready, and then print them one after the other!
The three proofs. The green print is the relief plate; I used
the green to help visualize it as a background color. The two top images are both intaglio plates. 
I tried printing all three plates as well as printing two of the plates (No relief, just the two intaglio plates- see below) and also one of the intaglio plates by itself. Experimentation is fun with new Solarplates....sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and it often depends on what order they are printed in and the colors chosen  I like what I have so week I will have the colors figured out and have something that looks more finished!
A decent print using two of the three plates.
Look for more boat prints next week! And, I don't have a title for this yet...any ideas?

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