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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Two New Mini Monos!

I received some new gampi paper today from Hiromi Paper in Santa Monica! 
I bought one each of Sekishu Torinoko Gampi and Gampi #20 White. Both are translucent, thin and glossy, like off-white tissue paper. It's also stronger than it looks. Gampi is beautiful stuff. 

These two "mini monos" were created last week.....some of the first new monotypes I made since the workshop in Santa Fe. They both have bits of chine colle' that I made by printing solarplates on Japanese gampi paper.
Tomorrow, I'll try out the new paper and print Solarplate images on it for chine colle'. 
Have a great Wednesday!
"Hacienda", 4x5", monotype with chine colle'
"Telegraph", 4x5", monotype with chine colle'

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