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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Progression of a Monoprint, part 1

I'm starting to get a handle on the 200+ photos I took on my trip! I'll be posting images over the next prints, monotype demonstration, art shows, etc.

Here is the development of my collagraph plate as well as the first print. This plate was used to make five prints over three days. I will share more in a few days!

The drawing, done on the floor with a carpenter's
pencil. I ran out of table space.
The drawing edited with a black Sharpie. 

The 24"x 32" PETG collagraph plate developed over the drawing,
using Speedball screen filler, carborundum (a.k.a. silicon carbide), and
Golden Micaceous Iron Oxide acrylic paint.  

Inking up the collagraph with rather stiff Akua ink.
Inking and wiping took 40 minutes!
The wiped plate, ready to print a proof onto Revere Silk paper
The counterproof printed onto newsprint.
This is used under the clear monotype plates as
a guide for the ink placement.
The registration set-up with stops on the edges,
the counterproof under the smooth piece of PETG plastic,
cut to the same size as the collagraph plate. The plates are
larger than the paper since I want a full bleed print,
going off the edges of the paper.
A detail of the registration set up showing the stops.
The registration is for painting and rolling
up the plates, not for running through the press  
The first run from the smooth plate
using warm colors; it was run through an etching press.
This is a monotype at this point. 
The same print with added cool colors during a second run through the press. 

Detail of the monotype so far. 

The collagraph plate inked a la poupee'. This will be printed
over the monotype and serve as a "key" image. Printing
this plate over the monotype turns this piece into
a monoprint since this part of the image is repeatable.
The finished print- combining two
monoprints and one collagraph.

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