Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Catherine Kernan's Workshop: 4-color separations

 Hi everyone
I've been busy with various things plus the Labor Day holiday, etc. so I'm just starting to get back into posting some of the photos I took in Santa Fe during Catherine Kernan's workshop at MAS.
I took photos of the various demonstrations she did...here are some photos of two types of 4-color separations using monotype: trace monotype and reductive monotype. The former method doesn't use the press, the latter does. Each uses 4 PETG clear plastic plates, rolled up with red, yellow, blue, black or CMYK for the most part. The clear plates allow you to see an original drawing underneath and be able to register each plate as well as make sure your drawing stays true to the original.
Four-color with 4 plates. These are reductive monotypes: each plate have been rolled with a
solid color ink and the design was wiped away using a q-tip or rag. Each plate needs
to be run through the press in order: yellow, red, blue, black or light to dark. 
Printing the last plate onto the paper...the black plate (PETG plastic, so it's clear) is

registered to the previous image and run through the press. 
This print is a trace monotype using color separation as well: viscous
ink is rolled onto each plastic plate and the image is drawn using a sharp pencil on the back; the

original drawing is used to register each image.
The yellow plate still in registration position after "printing". 

You can see the reddish print on the right is almost finished
it's waiting for the black plate seen on the upper left. No press is needed with this method.
4-color trace monotype on the left and a 4-color reductive monotype on the right.

The reductive print was run through the press, the other was not.
The images are similar but each has it's own texture and character.
My own attempt at a 4-color trace monotype. You can really see the texture of
the paper and the mark of a pencil in this style of print.
My own attempt at a 4-color reductive monotype.
This one came out a bit better! All of our demo
plates we created in the workshop were tiny: only about 3" square.

An all-black reductive monotype. 
I will be doing a mini workshop on reductive monotypes such as the simple black on shown above this weekend at The Drawing Studio....it's a "try it out" session, so you can come down and learn to make your own monotype for 1-1/2 hours! I'll be demonstrating/teaching at 1:00pm in case you decide to check it out. 
More Santa Fe photos coming tomorrow, so be sure to check back.

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