Monday, September 16, 2013

More boats?

Yes, more boats! I made a new boat Solarplate today, and printed several prints.
And yesterday, I formalized where the boats come from with this handy diagram. If you want to know more about vesica piscis, read about it here.

Huh?? Maybe this will make more sense:

"Vesica Piscis, Gold Version", Intaglio-type with carborundum

9x12", 2008

"Vesica Piscis Orange", Intaglio-Type, 9x12", 2008
"Boats", Solarplate etching, 8x10", April 2013

Remember this monotype I created in Ron Pokrasso's workshop? I decided I really liked the imagery, so I made a Solarplate from the image this morning. "Monotypes" are one-of-a-kind prints but I wanted more. 

Monotype,  16x20", June 2013
Two boat prints from Catherine Kernan's workshop, July 2013:
3-color separation reduction monotype, 3x3"
Monotype, 22x30", July 2013
Two of the new Solarplate prints, based on the monotype I made in Ron's workshop. No titles yet, these were just done this afternoon. Photos were taken today with my iPad, so they aren't perfect. 
Solarplate etching, 1st print, 9-16-2013, 8x10"
Multi-plate Solarplate etching, 8th print, 9-16-2013; 8x10"
All of these images are copyrighted, so please contact me if you would like to use them or are interested in acquiring a print.  
More art coming soon!

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