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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Large Gears Plate

I started this 10x10" copper plate after the small gear study (Previous posting) was complete. I started the image the same way, using ImagOn film and an initial aquatint. After that, the film was removed and I continued to work the plate by line etching, lots of aquatint, and some burnishing. Currently there are eleven state changes. Here are a few images in-process.

I worked on it again this Monday April 21st, adding a layer of what I hope to be deeper and richer aquatint on some of the areas to create more depth. I ran into a time issue and didn't get the print a proof but will do one tomorrow first thing when I'm back at the press. I'm hoping it will be finished!

Sorry the photos are distorted...I used my iPad and sometimes the paper is still damp and/or curled and these are often taken at an angle and then rotated in Photoshop.
More state changes to come soon as well as final prints!

Right out of the etchant, the blue ImagOn film hasn't been removed yet
First state: Initial deep aquatint and some line etching
Second state gets a tonal aquatint with the airbrush- larger dot pattern
More tonal aquatint added as well as lines
A "shadow' was added in medium grey toned aquatint

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