Thursday, October 15, 2009

One blog deserves another!

Here I am featured on another art blog! Not bad at all...even if my "artist's statement" doesn't quite fit the work shown! (It's was written for current work, the work shown is at least 2 years old). But that's ok by me...promotion is promotion and there is no bad publicity!

BTW: been super busy this week.....working n my studio (New work images up here in the next few days!) and getting ready for a big taiko gig this Friday. Not alot of time to spend blogging, let alone doing everything else.....
But look for more art soon and more art show announcement!
Ciao bella

Artwork shown: one of my favs from the "11 Strings" series, "Klein Bottle Tea Pot", 36' x 36". acrylic on canvas.

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