Tuesday, November 10, 2009

After All Soul's

Howdy everyone! I just wanted to share a group photo (Taken by Tracy Baynes) of all of the great folks that did the "Tucson Obon" dance with the Odaiko Sonora drum cart (in the back of the photo) for the entire length of the procession. This year's All Soul's Procession was a tremendous experience and cannot be described in words. To all artists, art appreciators, and blog readers out there who do not quite understand the appeal of the All Soul's Procession: it's a 2-1/2-hour long performance art piece about remembering people, loved ones, animals, and even pets that have passed on.
Things that stood out this year: fabulous costumes with LED lights in them, a bag pipe band, a fabulous shrine-cart made to honor a dog, a giant 15-foot long glow worm held aloft by huge group of people in costume (Looked like the Flam Chen folks!), balloon sculpture skeletons, the angelic singers at the finale, and the incredibly friendly people throughout the whole procession.  
More photos soon!

(PS: I'm third from the left, without makeup...hard to see me!)

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