Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bobcats in the yard!

The holidays are upon us, so I have been entertaining a bit more than usual, so I am behind on the blog.
Here is a little greeting I cooked up today, featuring a wildlife photo I took yesterday at about 11:00am. I was getting ready to start painting the courtyard wall yesterday morning and got all my brushes and buckets together, then starting getting the ladder out of the garage and spotted these two little guys in the tree! They are baby bobcats, each about the size of our biggest house cat, K-Pax, but probably weight only 8-10 lbs. They are very furry and weigh less than they look. I got the camera and they stayed in the tree for over 45 minutes....so after getting within 15 feet of them and taking numerous photos, I went in and did other chores. Didn't see their mom and didn't want to disturb them.

After a while, I looked outside, didn't see them. Went into the office, looked outside and they were nearby, on the other side of the courtyard wall, on the ground. Two babies and a long-legged momma bobcat! One baby was eating a ground squirrel. (The entire squirrel, fur and all....eeww!) After bunches of photos from the window, they finally went off into the neighbor's (The Bobcat Resort). They are such beautiful animals!
I love living in Tucson.
Happy Holidays everyone!
More art news soon!

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