Monday, November 14, 2011

Open Studio Tour Weekend 2011- the next day

It was a very unusual Open Studio this year! Saturday it was overcast and about 65 degrees, not too bad but I didn't have many visitors and only sold two small pieces. That was the day the art was displayed all over the courtyard and we had the bar under the stairs! I served hot spiced cider with rum, lentil soup, and assorted nibbles.
I was very disappointed about the low turnout and lack of sales, so I feared the worst the next day.
Art displayed outside in the garden.

The bar under the stairs with the print holder and more art. I sold the big painting in the center!

My two helpers Angela and Lauren getting ready to taste the cider.
That night it rained. At 8:00am the next morning I was moving all the art into my studio, so it was crowded and not as cool as the displays the day before. It rained off and on all day. It was chilly, grey, and wet, so I figured NO ONE would come! I was worried the signs on the street would melt away.

However, the real buyers came out on Sunday! I had a slightly better turn out and made many more sales, ranging from $15 up to $900. So overall it turned out well.
A happy buyer with her new artwork! Marnie bought this sweet little painting called "Moonflower".
I think there were two main reasons I had some success on Sunday: I do my own marketing rather than rely on the local arts council (I always do this anyway since my studio is off the beaten path) and I sold items for wholesale and below. It's possible if you aren't in a competition with gallery prices; before I couldn't do that. People really want to own original art and I was pleasantly surprised how interested they were in buying considering how the economy is right now.

I will definitely take the same approach next year! And not worry so much; you never know how things will turn out.

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