Thursday, November 17, 2011

Open Studio tour: some of my art that sold on Sunday

I thought I would share what sold at the tour! This isn't everything; I also sold a few small paper pieces and a few small "Jewel box" paintings as well. People do buy abstract art in a city inundated with southwest-themed art and crafts!

I'm delivering both of the "Primordial Sea" paintings to one patron today. So I will get a photo of the happy new owner with her new paintings. Once the artwork has been hung up, I'll go back and get some photos of the pieces in situ if I can. It's a great promotion idea that art buyers often embrace. They want to be known as a patron and supporter of the arts and I want to promote the sale of my art. It's usually a win-win.

Sometimes it takes a while for people to decide where to hang pieces. If someone needs help visualizing how the piece will work in their own home, I tell buyers to live with the art for a few days, even weeks and move the art around, trying it in different rooms, viewing the work from different angles and at different times of day. And if the walls need to be painted a different color in order to make the art work in the room, that's an option.

In fact, I can be hired for art/design/color consultations for those folks that are "visually challenged". I will go to the home, office, or lobby, and recommend artwork placement and wall colors (If the wall color needs changing) for maximum impact. I can also bring a few selected pieces to the buyer and we can look at what will work best in their space. This is a great service for office settings for busy executives.

More art updates up, my art class I'm teaching at Pima Community College Continuing Adult Education!

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