Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fig. 18 success

Fig. 18, first proof in black, showing the 21-step scale printed onto the paper. 

I finally got a really nice results with my test plates on Monday and Thursday morning and finally made a "real" solarplate Thursday right at about noon. I printed three proofs, two black ink and one Payne's grey, seen above. I was having an issue with too much plate tone (A thin residue of ink left on the surface of a plate after it's wiped. The pale grey background is plate tone) which improved with the Payne's Grey, so I'm thinking the black could be modified a bit with transparent base or something. Adding a separate monoprint in color to this image will just muddy some of the colors if there is too much plate tone.

Fig. 8, A Star Named Wormwood, A/P. 8"x10", Solarpate etching.
I'm also having one of the other printmakers in the lab make me a photopolymer plate in his studio using the same film. Apparently you have to use an exposure unit with these plates. The photopolymer plates he uses are similar to the solarplates I'm using but have a thin layer of greenish polymer on the surface and the surface is slicker. We are thinking this will reduce the amount of plate tone I am getting. Experimentation is good.

So this week, I will be proofing his version of the image as well as creating some real artwork with Fig. 18. And of course getting my studio ready for the Open Studio Tour: 14 days away!! Panic is starting to set in...

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