Thursday, October 18, 2012

In-depth: the story behind Fig. 7, Intention Manifest Device

This piece is an intaglio-type print, which is a non-toxic printmaking process I did in another workshop. It's the first image in the Esoterica II: Apocalypse 2012 Series. However, it only makes reference to future images, so it's more like a transition piece between Esoterica and Esoterica II.
The title refers to something that isn't really represented in the image: the Hieronymus Device. I use a version of the Hieronymous Device in most of the prints, not this one though. I will go into the diagram and what it's all about in a future blog post. For now, the focus of this image is The Pendulum as an Intention Manifest Device.
An intention manifest device is a wish-fulfillment machine, a magical machine that manifests physical items or positive outcomes of events through visualization or using a representative of the item as a "witness". In this image the pendulum is the magic could use it like you might use dousing rods, only this divining device will grant you your every wish. Hoping, wishing, and consulting psychics happens during times of uncertainty, during times when things are not going your way: bad economy, lost job, relationship problems, etc. The pendulum is surrounded by a few other symbols: the mantis is a symbol of mindfulness and calm; the wasp symbolizes productivity. However, this is a parasitoid wasp....something else entirely. The weird pod form is a carrot seed, magnified many times. Seeds are usually a symbol of consciousness or the life-force. The pattern on the bottom of the print is xylem and phloem...more plant life force. I love the pattern and it reminds me of biology, science, and something mysterious since it's inside a plant and microscopic. The text is meant to be mysterious and it is... more mystery and hidden knowledge.
I'll go in-depth into another image very soon, so be sure to check back. 

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