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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Print of the week: Fig. 19

Howdy everyone. Here is this weeks print! After re-working the composition and making two different plates, I finally finished the next print in the series. Here is Fig. 19, The Plumed Serpent Descends, Burning Sky".

I used my new exposure unit to create this solarplate. It's great to have it since it's so much easier and faster than using the sun this time of year. I will be creating five of this particular plate, each will be unique monoprints. The next plate in the series was created today, but I have not proofed it yet. I'll proof it on Monday and start working on the final image, Fig. 21, in the next two weeks.

Speaking of figure 19, it's December 1, 2012 or on December 23rd. That means we have only 20 (or 22) days until the calendar "runs out", so to speak. A fun resource on all things about 2012 is John Major Jenkins website. 

Start planning you 12-21-12 party!

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