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Friday, December 7, 2012

Print of the week: crop circles

I had a great week of printing...I was on the press twice this week. I was able to print some proofs of Fig. 20 on Monday and a few finished prints yesterday. Here is the Print O' The Week, the latest image in the series:
Fig. 20, Friendly Aliens Will Save Us; with orange crop circle. Monoprint with solarplate etching, 8"x10".
Copyright R.Bushner 2012. 
I wanted this one to be whimsical and fun since the image is pretty special. It's about a popular idea that crop circles are signs from friendly aliens and that they will save us from cataclysms such as might occur near the end of the Mayan Calendar. Or instead of aliens, maybe crop circles are created by satellites, or Government Controlled Lasers, glowing balls of light, invisible fairies, etc.  It's a romantic idea...pop culture is full of New Age-y ideas about friendly aliens that just want to get along. It seems many UFO enthusiasts think the ETs are looking out for our best interests and we just need to pay attention! Who really knows what their intentions are? 

I'm not an authority on crop circles and some seem to really be caused/made by mysterious forces. Crop circles are also really cool looking...large-scale environmental art. However, most crop circles are in fact created by humans and this has been proven- many are created specifically for advertising! Check out this link here about a crop circle series created for the rock band Korn's secret gig in a Bakersfield, CA field- videos included. Even Sanrio commissioned a crop circle. 

One thing that is missing from this image is the I Ching hexagram. Number 40 is only implied, so it's not physically there. It signifies "taking apart, deliverance, or untangled". The pendulum is swinging in a wide arc since time's a-wastin'.
My final image, Fig. 21, will probably contain two hexagrams: number 36, the "darkening of the light" and number 46, "ascending". Still working on it...
Ciao and happy Friday.

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