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Monday, April 29, 2013

Hanging the show and two new prints

Hi everyone
I will be very busy this week with the art show going up I helped hang the Impressions show today at The Drawing Studio. It's going to be a wonderful show- we have all of the printmaking techniques covered  mezzotint, monotype, monoprint, etching, Solarplate intaglio, intaglio-type, woodcut, engraving, and combination or hybrid prints. Be sure to come to the opening reception this weekend...I'm doing a print demo at 7:00pm.
Art on the floor, ready to hang

All up on the walls. Still have to set up the display case. 

I also made a few prints today, this time, titanium white ink on black Stonehenge paper. Only one plate was printed, just the plate with the line drawing.

And last Thursday, I made a few yellow boat prints, like this one:
This yellow boat print was printed with two plates, the large solid areas in yellow and the lines in dark teal blue. It has some nice color and value contrast.

More soon...ciao!

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