Monday, July 29, 2013

Have Ink, Will Travel

People assume that since I use the presses at The Drawing Studio (TDS) print lab twice a week, that I must have my own space there or some kind of storage or something.
I don't.
I have to take everything with me when I go downtown: paper, ink, Solarplates, tarlatan, shop towels, pencils, ink knives, brushes, PETG plates, sketch pad, brayers, etc. Since I'm the only one using non-toxic Akua ink, I have my own supply. I park about two blocks away since there really is no parking at TDS except for a tiny 6-space lot reserved for staff. So I have to be mobile and get all of my stuff back and forth without hurting myself lugging heavy bags. Most people are surprised at how efficiently I pack my stuff.
I bought one of these folding wheelie carts from Target and I use an old carry-on size suitcase, my aluminum "G-Man" briefcase, and a tote bag for extra stuff like my paper, lunch, water bottle, etc. I didn't take a photo of the tote's pretty basic. It can ride on top of the suitcases on the cart, so everything is on wheels.
G-Man case courtesy of Harbor Freight
It holds 16 jars of Akua ink! 
The little suitcase is for everything else. I use a 12"x16" cardboard folding portfolio thingies for my paper, all torn down to quarter sheets. It fits in my tote bag. The largest press has a bed only 18" wide, so I can't bring full size 22'x30 paper anyway. When I bring more heavy/bulky stuff, like my UV light box, I unload it at TDS, then park. So my little system works for me, especially since I don't have my own press...yet!

So this isn't just about G-Man briefcases, here's some art!
"Kimono" monotype with chine colle', 4"x5",
printed on Arches 88 paper.


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