Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Workshop with Catherine Kernan, Santa Fe, NM

Hello everyone
I am learning a huge amount of new tips and tricks with Akua inks in this workshop! Since Monday, we have experimented with viscosity monotypes, and trace and reductive monotypes as well and ghost images and mixing inks. After meeting with Catherine today, I discussed what I wanted to work  on and decided I wanted to go BIG after two months of tiny prints. So I'm going to continue with my boat imagery and do a full-size, 22x30" full-bleed (all the way to to edge of the paper), print series using two plates: one will be a regular monotype plate, smooth PETG (type of thin plastic) and the other is the same material only I have worked it as a collagraph using screen filler, carborundum, and other gritty painterly materials. This plate will hold ink just like an etching plate. More on this soon....I'm working with an iPad blogger app and it's Lame, so bear with me while I try it out!
Here are a few photos from the workshop so far.... Top is a tiny, 3.5" square 3-color separation reductive monotype print, center is my big collagraph plate, 24x32". Bottom image is a photo of a demonstration of transparent v. opaque ink mixtures. Brilliant! 
More soon,
Tiny experimental monoprint- 3-color separation
Big collagraph plate for the 22x30" bleed print
Catherine's ink opacity demo

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