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Friday, September 18, 2009

More new work from the last couple of months!
These two new paintings (Top image and bottom left) and are a great size for many residences- not huge but not too small, both are 24" x 24"x 3" deep. The deep cradle of the panels make them look very substantial and almost sculptural on the wall and do not require a frame. 
The multi-colored painting (Top) is called "Abraxas" and was inspired by a beautiful glass and wood mosaic wall I saw in Amsterdam. The reddish square painting (Below left) is called "Fire Within" and is based on a macro photograph of ice melting in a glass of cola. Both of these are acrylic on custom birch panels.

The two mixed-media-on-paper pieces (below) are from my new Esoterica: 2012 series. In the center is "Fig. 10, The Gnawing Bite" (11" x 15") and on the right is "Fig. 11, The Abysmal Waters" (15" x 22"). Both of these pieces depict natural disasters; Fig. 10 comparing the Uroboros (snake biting its tail) to a hurricane; the I-Ching hexagram 21 is used in this piece and is sometimes referred to as the "gnawing bite". The other piece uses images of earthquake (it's the seismograph from the Loma Prieta quake in 1989) and tsunami as well as "the gorge" or "abysmal waters" hexagram #29. This piece has been toned with tannic acid to soften the deep blue. All of these pieces are for sale, e-mail me for current retail pricing. Click on the images for larger views.

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