Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New art from this summer!

I've been busy as usual and am currently working on two new paintings and more of the mixed-media on paper artwork for the "Esoterica II: 2012" series! Shown above are Figures 8 and 9, "Tinfoils Hats" and "The Long Count" respectively. (Both are 11" x 15" and are on Fabriano Artistico watercolor paper). I have finished up to Figure 12 and have plans for a few more. So check back here or on my website for more 2012!

Here is a taste of a continuation of a series I started last year. All of these paintings have minimal color palettes: carbon black, white, graphic grey, dark blue, titanium buff, with other colors used sparingly. This painting below is called "Galactic Center" and the design is based on a nano photography. Other pieces in this series are based on images of turbulance such as clouds, and melting ice. Acrylic on custom birch panel, 30" x 48" x 3" deep.

Some people ask why my work on paper looks so much different (But consistant for each medium) than my work on canvas or panel and the main reason is that I think the paper lends itself to my narrative work much better since I often use images from pop culture and photographs and my cyanotype + mixed media method that I use is perfect for that. I tend to think of this work more like printmaking since I can make multiples. The paintings are abstract in the sense that the subject matter is hidden. Clouds and nano photographs of melting ice are essentially abstract....based in a reality that most people don't even realize is there.

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